Welcome to the new-look Lidgett Link. The aim of this newsletter is to give a quarterly update on the many exciting developments that are happening within the church. As a community focused church there are many things which we should feel proud of and thankful for. As the church continues to develop links with the local community, God’s love touches more lives as we further the church’s mission to serve in the local community.

It is the intention that this newsletter will provide everyone with further information about the different church and community groups that are based in the church building. Each issue will give a general update on developments, as well as focusing on the work of a selection of groups, to give a flavour of the wide-ranging activities that are taking place.

Newsletters can be downloaded by clicking the links below:

Lidgett Link March 2015

In addition, if you are interested in the research, that we conducted in 2013, which helped us initially shape the changes to our building and the services we offer, then read the enclosed report.